My Dream Jobs

Growing up I have any different jobs I’ve wanted to do depending on my age. Here are my top 5. 1. Dentist At the moment my dream job would be a dentist. I have recently been having to go to a lot of different types of dentist appointments because of a crash I got in. […]

My Summer

honestly my summer was a complete blur, so much went on but the real question is how much I can put..  To start off the summer the after school ended Madi and my family went to my cabin for the long weekend at Sandy Lake. My grandparents and uncle and his girlfriend were also there. […]

All About Kaelynn

Today for my blog I will be interviewing one of My friends. It’ll be about some of her favourite things, what she likes to do, and her dislikes. Kaelynn was born on August 11th 2008 making her 13 years old. She lives with her Mom, Dad, grandma, little sister and older brother. In her free […]

My May Long

For my May Long we decided we were going to go to my cabin in Sandy Lake. We went there with Madi and my grandparents but they came in a different vehicles the next day. When we first got there it was past 10 o’clock at night because we left around 6 and it’s almost […]